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New Orleans Chicory Coffee With Coffee Rub Rimmer

February 18, 2013

My sister recently went to New Orleans, and kindly brought me back some local coffee paraphernalia.


Chicory is a plant whose roots can be ground and baked to create a cheap coffee substitute; a practice that is popular in New Orleans. This blend of coffee and chicory from Café Du Monde is surprisingly delicious on its, with a smokier, woodier flavour than most coffee. However, apparently New Orleans is also down with the practice of putting coffee in weird things:


This rub, probably designed for flavouring meat, contains garlic, chipotle, other spices, and yes, coffee. Someone must have figured the flavours go well together, so the next logical step is to mix the rub with actual coffee. I decided to do so with an old fashioned rim job.

Before continuing, I have to introduce a new mug to the Putting Weird Things in Coffee family:


I have no idea who Danielle is. I believe an ex girlfriend left this mug here after celebrating the miracle of childbirth with some friends. I trust that Danielle and her little blessing are doing well, and I will think fondly about them whenever I use this commemorative mug. Now let’s see what it looks like when smeared with coffee rub gunk:


I wet the mug then dipped it in the rimmer, not unlike a caesar. Then, in goes the chicory coffee.


You know, this isn’t terrible. The garlic, and especially the chipotle, go well with the chicory coffee in a weird sort of way. If it were mixed in the coffee it would be overpowering, but after a few sips I only taste a hint of the rimmer, which adds some saltiness and additional smokiness to the coffee.

Yeah, not bad. I’d toss some beads at this coffee if it showed me its boobs at Mardi Gras.

I’d like to thank my sister Andrea for bringing me this stuff, and I’d also like to thank Danielle, whoever she is, for the lovely mug.

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  1. March 16, 2013 8:49 pm

    Why are you still doing this!? Surely this is against the Geneva convention.


  1. Bizarrices no café – Chicória | Mexido de Ideias

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